Curly HairSalomé Luna Gemme: Caribbean-American bad gyal and resident over-thinker; currently soaking up sun in Miami, Florida.

I post about food and travel because I’m a human being and we love that shit. Rated R: as in highly unadvisable for the rigid of mind. (Really, if you’re never wrong then congrats on your first time because you are in the wrong place right now.) I’m trying to figure out how to be Good because I asked my pets and they won’t tell. 

I’m doing my best!!

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About The Site

Every day you are simply alive and not living, a tiny piece of you dies an embarrassingly mediocre death. Your definition of death is limited so I probably sound melodramatic. But really, every day your body dies a little bit; some people call it aging, but that’s just a gentle world for very slowly dying. So every day you decide whether your body gets a mediocre death or whether it was a day worth remembering. Maybe checking out how many days you have left will help get the point across.

Every day that we lose can either be traded for something amazing or…just lost. I refuse to believe that I have to spend my limited amount of life doing anything I don’t want to and I’m unwilling to compromise on my happiness. You’ve already experienced those lost days; grey, wasted-time-hangovers that suck your energy and motivation away the more your head fills with “I should, but not today.” I know this because I’ve felt it many, many times. We stay alive instead of living because it’s safe, it’s comfortable, and it’s easy. But being alive is not enough; I want to live consciously every single day. I want to do good for myself and for others. I want to grow and develop and stretch the limits of what this whole human experience is about. I want to question, learn and change, whether I’m 29, 39, or 79. Because really, what else is the point of living?

I’ve tried for an exhaustingly long time to pick a “niche” to write about but always found myself breaking down the borders I had set around myself. Finally, after many years I’ve realized I just want to live as much as I can and write about how much I’m living; that means a mix of favorite foods, new places, heavy questions and issues plus the occasional beauty routines – no one said personal growth had to be ugly, okay?

I’d love some company on this trek to make life as full, ever growing and beautiful as possible. If you’re into severe self-awareness, intense levels of introspection, pushing yourself for sport and find every and anything interesting, join the fam.

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