My Favorite Lip Colors from Colourpop

Colourpop Best Fall Lip Colors Swatches

Before I show you some of the best lip colors that Colourpop has to offer, lesson time: Colourpop Cosmetics is a brand that has grown rapidly in popularity since releasing their first line of Lippie Stix in 2014. Yes, they have a line called Lippie Stix. Owned by the parent company Seed Beauty, Colourpop is entirely self contained from the development of products to their manufacturing, keeping costs competitively low and giving the company a unique ability to create and roll out new products in as short a time as 5 days. This short production time is part of what keeps the brand at the forefront of innovation and trends in beauty, like they were for the resurgence of popularity in liquid matte lip colors, with their Ultra Matte Lip products.

Colourpop Best Fall Lip Colors Swatches

The owners of the company have chosen to let the products speak for themselves, which has given rise to a lot of speculation that culminated in a particularly scandalous rumor that the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits ($17) are actually repackaged Colourpop products ($6) with a boosted price tag. Refinery 29 tackles this rumor in a rare interview with Colourpop’s founders.

At this point I have a box full of Colourpop’s different lip products, some of which I never use and others that are my go-to lip colors. The company has a great range of shades to choose from, so I decided to pick out my favorite lip colors and swatch them for you all. 

Colourpop Best Fall Lip Colors SwatchesSome of the colors swatched are from the Lippie Stix line and others are Ultra Mattes or Ultra Satins.Colourpop Best Fall Lip Colors Swatches

All of the lip colors swatched in the photo were done so over Colourpop’s Lippie Primer. Below are the links for every lip color that’s still available at the time of me publishing this:






Calypso (my top favorite!)

Echo Park



Frick n’ Frack

colourpop lip colors Let me know your favorite lipcolors from Colourpop in comments or what your overall thoughts on the brand are! Colourpop Cosmetics has become so popular over the short span of time they’ve been around and it doesn’t seem like interest in them will be slacking anytime soon.