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Island Goddess

September 10, 2015

Romper FashionBringing my island girl roots to center stage with this look.
Romper Fashionromper fashionRomper FashionCurly Hairwedge heelsromper fashionromper fashionromper fashioncurly hair styles

The Caribbean island of Dominica – as much as I adore the fall (it’s even my birthday season) I’m always a little sad to see summer come to an end. I’ve been staying in the Caribbean for the last 2 months, so I definitely got a memorable summer. As a Cuban-American, it’s important to me to represent my Latina heritage; one way I do so is by letting my thick natural curls be free, and yes, a little wild too. I had damaged my hair so much when I was younger by trying to wear it straight every day. Now I’m learning that my voluminous curls are unique to my identity, so I try to cut back on the heat styling and embrace them. So with my hair doing it’s thing, I threw in some classic hoop earrings to finish off this very Summer Island Goddess look.

Get The Look
Chiffon romper – (X)
DailyLook heels & some dupes til they restock – (X) (X) (X) (X)
Gold hoop earrings – (X)
Lip liner in LBB and lipstick in Blood from Colourpop 
+Tropical flower tucked in your hair 

What unique parts of yourself are you learning to love? Let me know in the comments and share some of your favorite summer goddess style tips!


Fashion Files

Isla del Encanto

July 29, 2015

Call It Spring PurseSteve Madden ShoesOmbre HairForever 21Forever 21 NecklaceOmbre HairSteve Madden ShoesSteve Madden ShoesSteve Madden ShoesForever 21Messenger Bag

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico – If you ever get the chance to visit Puerto Rico, specifically San Juan, don’t hesitate! Sadly I only spent 3 nights here, but I loved every moment. Old San Juan is gorgeous with it’s blue cobblestone roads and brightly colored buildings. I have to give this city the credit it deserves; they have the tourism business down. It shows when locals see visitors as a bother, but everyone in Old San Juan is genuinely excited to help you discover their city. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s as much of a treasure as the country’s name suggests.

Get The Look
High waisted shorts – these two are a close match (X) (X)
Comfy and cute bag by Call It Spring.
Steve Madden sandals.
Layered necklaces – some similar inexpensive options (X) (X) (X)
Triangle stud earrings.
I’m wearing ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in Topanga.

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico or do I have any fellow Latina/os that are Puerto Rican? I love hearing people’s thoughts on other places – go ahead and share them in the comments below.


Fashion Files, Wanderlust

Red in the Golden City

July 1, 2015

boho_fashion_13boho_fashion_11boho_fashion_2boho_fashion_16boho_fashion_4_smboho_fashion_15boho_fashion_8 boho_fashion_17_smboho_fashionboho_fashion_3_smboho_fashion_smallPrague, Czech Republic – Traveling while also trying to shoot an entire outfit post is not as effortless as your fav fashion bloggers might make it look. Imagine being in a beautiful new city but not being able to follow every whim you have to turn down a little street or investigate an eccentric shop because you’re racing to get the shots you need while the perfect lighting is still there.

Okay enough behind the scenes venting. I found this minimal red dress while thrifting and knew it would come in handy – mainly for not having to wear pants but also to pair with a lacy kimono. I fully support the kimono trend – what a fun alternative to a cardigan with so much variety in design. I can’t tell you where mine is from as I thrifted it as well, but I rounded up some similarly gorgeous black kimonos that should be a staple piece in your closet:

Fringed Rose Devoré Kimono
Embroidery Kimono (on sale!)
Pima Cotton Fringe Kimono
Embroidered Longline Kimono
Metzler Kimono (crochet lace trim is gorgeous – reminds me of traditional mehndi [henna] patterns)


Fashion Files, Wanderlust

Summer Wonderland

May 26, 2015


Regensburg, GermanyThe weather was perfect for this combination comfy/flirty sundress. I paired it with black boots and a black floppy hat both from For Love 21, with a little sparkle from an old vintage ring and simple heart pendant necklace. This dress was a no-brainer buy for me because seriously, how often can you get away with wearing an all orange ensemble? More often than you might think; this cute dress is on sale in my shop.



Heal Chapped Lips; Tips for a Permanently Soft Pout

April 21, 2015


Chapped lips are painful and not a very pretty sight. I’m completely addicted to  chapstick, but it’s not always enough. There are lots of things that cause dry lips, but thankfully there are even more ways to treat them.

Why So Dry?
The most common reason for chapped lips is dry summer of winter air absorbing their moisture, but over exposure to sun in any temperature can cause dry lips and sun burn (yes, your lips can be sunburned!). If you’re not drinking enough water, dehydration will cause them to become dry and cracked. Your diet also has a role here; vitamin A, B, and C deficiencies make it hard for lips to stay soft.

The Cure
Rotate between these two methods once or twice a week; you’ll see the difference immediately!


by Anne Schwank

Softer Lips Quick

  1. Wet a wash cloth with warm water and hold it to your lips for a minute.
  2. Gently begin to rub the cloth across your lips. This rubs off the dead and dry skin.
  3. Finish and apply lip balm (with SPF!).

Recipe For A Perfect Pout (my favorite!)

  1. Mix 2 tbsp of honey (or olive oil if allergic), 1 tsp of sugar.
  2. Spread the mixture on your lips and gently scrub. Make sure to get the edges of your lips too.
  3. Wash the salve off with warm water and apply your lip balm.

Tips To Keep Your Lips Soft

  • Drink water! Not only will this keep your lips moist, it’ll help your whole body.
  • Don’t lick your lips; when saliva evaporates it leaves your lips even more dry than before.
  • Choose a lip balm with good SPF protection.
  • Cracks at the corner of your mouth can indicate a riboflavin deficiency. Eat more tomatoes, beans and mushrooms to increase your B2 vitamin intake.
  • Aloe Vera heals and prevents lips from cracking.
  • Cucumber slices can help heal and cool chapped lips.
  • Make sure your diet isn’t lacking in Vitamin A, which is important for skin growth and repair. Eat your carrots!

Not even your favorite MAC lipstick can save you from scaly lips, but my Perfect Pout honey recipe will! Share some of your tips and tricks for fighting the chap below.

À la prochaine!
Salomé Luna Gemme

Fashion Files

Pin-Up by the Pool

April 15, 2015

Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pin Up Girl ClothingPin Up Girl Clothing 2 Pin Up Girl Clothing 3Pin Up Girl Clothing 4Pin Up Girl Clothing 6This retro bathing suit by Pin Up Girl Clothing is a total dream. It’s sooo comfortable and makes every body type look lovely. You need a 50s style one piece in your swimwear collection and Pin Up Girl Clothing is truly amazing at creating retro pieces; can you believe this bathing suit has lasted me 5 years? This is my go-to swim suit for family functions or when I’ve been hitting the vegan desserts harder than the treadmill. It’s one of my favorites because I feel so comfortable in it without having to compromise cuteness (and it makes ya booty look just right)!

 À la prochaine!
Salomé Luna Gemme

Fashion Files

A French Countryside Summer

March 24, 2015

Floral SkirtFloral Skirt 5Floral Skirt 7

Floral Skirt 6 This vegan leather crop top works perfectly in so many outfits. Here I’ve paired it with a beautiful floral print, high-waisted waterfall skirt, a woven golden choker and some red wedges; crop tops and high waisted anythings go together like black and white. Summer is approaching and it’s time to bring out the lively colors and varying lengths. I can’t wait!
Check out what I’m listening to; Blessa by Toro Y Moi. I’m getting ready to go see him live right now. He’s truly such a master of synth pop/funk. Let me know what you think below!

 À la prochaine,
Salomé Luna Gemme