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The Many Sides of Munich, Germany

germany_munich_travel_optitravel_munich_germany_opti00germany_travel_munich_opti3germany_travel_munich_opti4travel_munich_germany_opti17Just hours after arriving in Munich, awestruck and excited, I wandered into the Viktualienmarkt, which is a food lovers paradise. I would move to Munich in a second just to have access to the endless amounts of fresh food and flowers, both unique and traditional. This market has been around and growing since 1807.germany_travel_munich_opti17germany_travel_munich_opti5germany_travel_munich_opti6 It’s basic math that two beers are better than one, so that’s exactly what I and ordered upon entering the famous Hofbräuhaus. Munich is a dream trip for the beer lover, and my boyfriend at FLCraftBeer details some of the best beer the city has to offer.

This place is huge and seriously old; the Duke of Bavaria founded it way back in 1589. Which of your favorite bars was started by royalty? All in all I can’t imagine a more perfect place for history lovers to get drunk; Hofbräuhaus’ historic guests include Mozart, Kennedy and from a darker chapter in history, Hitler.travel_munich_germany_opti19travel_munich_germany_opti20travel_munich_germany_opti21germany_travel_munich_opti7germany_travel_munich_opti8The Englischer Garten really looks like a scene from a Disney film, and has been around since 1780. It brought me to truly understand the value of a park beyond an easy route for irregular exercise. 

In a city, relaxation is almost never free, but Munich’s park is open to all and quickly transports you away from the lively streets on quiet, winding paths surrounded by tall, lush greenery. And being the largest public urban park in the entire world, you can wander away from your responsibilities and play Thoreau for quite a while.

germany_travel_munich_opti9germany_travel_munich_opti10And if you get thirsty on your walk, great beer is never far. Hidden within the park like an alcoholic oasis is the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower). The beautiful, towering structure hosts traditional Bavarian bands at different times (yes, lederhosen and all). If you plan on consuming anything besides beer on your trip to Munich, this place only serves snacks that pair perfectly with their beer. Also, really huge, really awesome pretzels. travel_munich_germany_optiedgermany_travel_munich_opti12germany_travel_munich_opti13germany_travel_munich_opti14 Munich will overwhelm and sadden you because there are so many worthwhile museums and you’ll never see everything. Time already goes so fast while you’re traveling, don’t rush yourself. Pick one or two museums and roam the halls with patience.

I chose the Munich Residenz, which was the former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs. It’s eccentric, elaborate and a playground of color, pattern and texture for the eyes.germany_travel_munich_opti15Travel_munich_germany_opti16There are so many sides of Munich, it’s a wonderful city to explore. I’m reminded of a more quaint, calm and matured New York City. My overall reaction to Munich was curiosity and sensory overload more than immediate infatuation.

During the day, the city center was of the least interest to me; it’s filled with high end chain stores you could easily find anywhere. Though after nightfall, the district transforms. Groups of homeless people begin making their beds at the foot of Dior’s entryway and musicians from guitarists to accordion players, some young and shy, others rough and seasoned, all turn the consumer-less shopping district into their stage.

This city has character and a centrally located outdoor mall is just a tiny part of it. Just a block in another direction brings about a change in scenery; in my case it was a tucked away hookah bar where I spent my last night in Munich, across from a small, aging theatre where the occasional souped up car rolled by blasting Arabic rap.


Wanderlust, Adorning the Flesh Prison

Summer Wonderland


Regensburg, GermanyThe weather was perfect for this combination comfy/flirty sundress. I paired it with black boots and a black floppy hat both from For Love 21, with a little sparkle from an old vintage ring and simple heart pendant necklace. This dress was a no-brainer buy for me because seriously, how often can you get away with wearing an all orange ensemble? More often than you might think; this cute dress is on sale in my shop.



Best Sites for Cheap Flights


Life just doesn’t feel right if I’m not planning a trip, be it a reality or fantasy. You can’t fly without your ticket, but it’s such a hassle when you have to dig through travel website after travel website and you’re still left feeling unsure if you’ve found the best price. All you really need is the right site to do the cheap flight searching for you and you’ll be as addicted to charting fantasy trips as I am. 


This is the first travel site I check when planning a trip because it’s usually where I find the cheapest flights and the layout is simple and easy to use. Vayama offers over 100 airlines to choose from and specializes in international travel. They also have all your necessary travel info from what immunizations are required for take off to the etiquette  of different countries.


This travel site has a great feature that lets you search for “experiences.” So if you’ve been dreaming of laying out on the sand lately, just type in “beaches” as your destination and GetGoing will show you all the cheap flights they have to different beaches worldwide. Some of the experiences offered are Romance, Wine, and History And Culture. Named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Sites of 2013, GetGoing is a wonder if you’re more flexible about your trip planning.



Considered “the best travel site on the web. Period.” by Forbes, Hipmunk is another great place to search for cheap flights. They also offer a useful feature that lets you check several dates all at once, saving you time and hopefully money. They’ve come up with the idea of searching for flights by what they call “agony” to optimize your flight for price, length and layovers.


One of the most colorful and unique layouts I’ve seen for a travel site. Momondo makes choosing the best day for finding cheap flights so much easier with their calendar tool. Though not always the lowest prices, they pull their flights directly from airfare sites rather than third party aggregators. 


This is the travel site you want to use if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to plan a trip to nowhere in particular. Just enter in something like “California to South America in early April for 12 days” and you’ll get results that will give you a good idea of the price range for certain locations. I’ve found quite a few cheap flights listed here and it’s really addictive!

Good ol’ Kayak. This travel website lets you compare 100s of different travel sites at once and you can find some cheap flights occasionally. Kayak is a basic and straightforward way to get your travel planning started. The site offers an explore tool where you can scan a world map for all the places you can reach within a specified per-ticket price range. Kayak also has their own mobile app!
You’ve got the best travel sites in front of you, so start planning that dream vacation! The cheapest days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday (the most expensive days are Sunday and Friday) and on average you’ll get the lowest flight price by booking 6 weeks in advance. Share your tips and tricks for finding the cheap flights below. If only plane tickets were priced like bus tickets!

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