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What is Olaplex and Does It Work? Review + Instructions

July 27, 2016


By now you’ve probably seen enough instagrams of long, shining hair dyed any number of beautiful colors partly attributed to a product called Olaplex. I’m constantly looking for the miracle product that will give me strong, frizz free hair; moroccan oil? My hair laughs. Coconut oil? A modest effort. Every deep conditioner under the sun? Small changes that still leave me feeling guilty every time I dare to think of the next color I might dye my hair. 

Olaplex is a league apart from these remedies though. Chemist Craig Hawker’s only contribution to the beauty world, Olaplex was developed in one night after consulting with beauty industry entrepreneur Dean Christal and basically, if your stylist isn’t using Olaplex, it’s time to break up. 

Some Examples Of Magic Made With Olaplex (all by the amazing biancacolours)



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When used in salons, Olaplex is a two part system that minimizes breakage when coloring hair by fusing the broken bonds that result from coloring back together. The first step in the process, No. 1, is mixed with the color that will be applied to hair. After rinsing the color out, No.2 is left on for at least 10 minutes to do added damage control.

Your hair is partly made up of disulfide bonds. Hair coloring and heat styling can break these disulfide bonds, resulting in the brittle, weak hair we try to avoid. Olaplex works by creating new disulfide links between two separated sulfurs, resulting in hair that appears as though it was never damaged (rather, that it’s disulfide bonds were never broken). LabMuffin broke down the science of Olaplex perfectly if you’re craving a more in depth explanation.

How To Use It At Home

Olaplex No.3 is sold as an at home version of No. 2. The only difference between them is potency; No. 2 is a 15% concentrate while No. 3 is 12.5%. Naturally I had to go big or go home, so I got my hands on No.2 and gave it a try. To use both No.2 or No.3, shampoo your hair as normal and then towel dry it well. Take the product and comb it through your hair, making sure to spread it throughout your strands generously. Leave it on for at least an hour; two hours if your hair is particularly damaged. Rinse the treatment out and shampoo and condition as usual. You’ll notice immediately how silky your hair feels as you rinse Olaplex out.

Is It Worth It?

Hell yes. I immediately saw a difference in my hair; it was shinier and felt smoother but there was no residue or heaviness left behind. My hair is past the middle of my back and I had about 3/4 of the bottle left after one use, so I find it definitely worth the price. Olaplex truly is the miracle product we’ve been looking for.

Scoop up Olaplex No. 3 or No. 2 and let me know how it works for you!