Adorning the Flesh Prison

Politics in Satin Pajamas

silk pajamas

It’s election day and as a Bernie supporter, I’ll just be relieved when this circus is over and we’ve officially chosen the significantly lesser evil who actually has political experience.

In the meantime, I’m not stressed or pressed because we have to make an effort not to let all the madness wear us down. So I’ll continue drinking jasmine tea, singing along to Solange and wearing these satin pajamas through the afternoon.

I recently decided that I needed to upgrade my lounge wear game and bought a ton of new pajamas. Responsible adults wear actual coordinated pajamas right? I bought the satin pajamas I’m wearing in the photos in size US 0-2 and the color “claret”. So far I’m loving the silkiness of the fabric and that it comes as a set with high waisted shorts and a halter top. There’s something about satin pajamas that just says “I’m living right.” Also, here’s the necklace I’m wearing.

satin pajamas set

satin pajamas setHow are you feeling this election day? Let me know if you voted and how you’re feeling about the state of this election in the comments! Also, if you snag these satin pajamas, what color did you decide on? I’m seriously considering buying them in every color at this point.