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How To Make The Perfect Flower Arrangement

how to make a flower arrangementflower arrangementsArranging flowers probably seems very simple and straightforward. But, like most things that we never think about until actually trying to do them ourselves, it’s a bit more complicated than it looks. how to make a flower arrangementWhy even bother making your own bouquet though? While a painting that depicts a vase of flowers can be world famous, the vase of flowers itself is fleeting and doesn’t get much lasting attention…but that doesn’t mean it’s not art too. Flower arrangements take into consideration many of the things a painting does; color, texture, mood and so on. It’s one of the least expensive and time consuming ways to express yourself creatively, plus you get a gorgeous result to display in your home afterwards. You even might find that it’s a peaceful break from the day, almost meditative. Either way, you should always have fresh flowers at home and I’m going to show you how to make a flower arrangement that will transform your home into a dreamy château from a vintage film. flower arrangementflower arrangements1.Work with color. The colors you choose, whether you’re going for a monochromatic, colorful or subtle arrangement, will set the tone for your finished piece. Consider the mood for your arrangement – earthy tones for fall, a classic all white bouquet or a bright mix for spring? Pick a theme and start from there. flower arrangements2. Length and volume. The length you cut your flowers, the volume you create and where you create it will impact your arrangement as much if not more than the colors you pick. Just be vigilant of your scissors here because things can get ugly. As a general rule, you want your filler plants to be thick and the shortest length, while your flowers should peek out from just above the greenery. The flip side of this crucial part in the process is that it’s also where you can get very creative.flower arrangements3. Not every arrangement needs flowers. A more woodsy bouquet can be made sans flowers. Look for something different to add a touch of color, like the Hypericum layered throughout this arrangement.flower arrangements4. Choose your layers. Find something like Eucalyptus or Leatherleaf to work with at the base of your arrangement. Then pick out a second plant to add sparingly throughout the arrangement, something like Baby’s-Breath or Hypericon. This adds depth and makes your finished piece look more complete.flower arrangements5. Find the right vase. If you’re going for an elegant look, a taller vase will give you that, while a shorter vase, or the mason jar I used for one arrangement, will give off a more understated, effortless beauty. flower arrangementsflower arrangement5. Don’t forget to look around your own yard to add a personal touch. If you have a garden or backyard, check around for something to add a little local beauty to your arrangement. But make sure you don’t accidentally try to arrange poison ivy. Just saying. flower arrangementsflower arrangements

My mom has always had fresh cut flowers in our home. It’s a simple addition to any room but it makes a huge difference. There’s something so classy and full of joie de vivre in stopping by the flower vendor on your way home from work. Yeah you’re supposed to stop and smell the flowers, but why not go a step further and bring them home with you?