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Kabul Restaurant in Prague – Review

Restaurant in Prague

As usual I was late. It was already 10pm and I was getting food-angry looking for a restaurant in Prague to have dinner at. I finally ended up at Kabul because they were basically the only place in Staré Město with a kitchen that hadn’t closed 5 minutes before I walked in. Kabul’s hours are a dream: 11:30am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Let’s start out with my initial thought when I remember Kabul; “I can’t wait to go back.” 

Restaurant in Prague

The Atmosphere

An easy to find location, Restaurant Kabul greets you with a modest entryway over which a creative sign made to look like an Afghan rug lets you know you’ve found the right place. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the bottom of the narrow staircase that leads you into the restaurant but by this time I didn’t care as long as they were serving great food. Stairs have a way of making surprises that much more surprising and the effort and attention to detail that’s been put into Kabul Restaurant’s dining area was a pleasant one. They’ve crafted a warm, friendly and particularly unique atmosphere with richly patterned cushions and layers of famous afghan rugs throughout the restaurant. It’s great to see a culture expressed without becoming kitsch about the decor as some restaurants do. Plus the servers are helpful and actually seem to enjoy interacting with customers, which is always nice right?Restaurant in PragueRestaurant in PragueRestaurant in Prague

The Food

The owner’s wife is the chef at Kabul, and she really adds the comforting sense of a home cooked meal to every dish, something that’s very welcomed when you’ve been traveling a while. Restaurant Kabul’s sign offers you kebabs and pizza; there’s no pizza on the menu but there are plenty of kebabs. This isn’t the quicky kebab stand on the corner though, Kabul is more upscale than not and probably left the pizza but not the sign behind at their previous, smaller location.
Portions are fair, the food is served very quickly and is moderately priced ($$/$$$$). It’s not like you’ve had much Afghan food anyways so give this restaurant in Prague a try; Kabul offers a good variety of main courses and plenty of delicious side dishes. Definitely vegetarian friendly, vegans will struggle a bit but can also eat here with a little negotiating of the menu. 

Check out the full menu here.

Recommended Dishes

  • Mains: Bolani, Dal, Roast Zucchini
  • Sides: Roasted Potatoes (with yogurt dressing), Chalau, Afghani bread
  • Dessert: Ferni (it’s A+)
Restaurant in Prague

Ferni and Baglawa

Restaurant in Prague

Dal and Chalau (spiced Basmati rice)

Restaurant Kabul: ✯✯✯✯ (4/5)

With some restaurants you can feel the pride and effort their owner has put in and it makes for a genuinely enjoyable dining experience. Kabul is that restaurant and I hope it’s around for a long, long time. Like I said, I can’t wait to go back.  Give Prague’s only Afghan restaurant a try and drop your own mini review in the comments for me.