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Kebab Indian Restaurant in Miami – Review

Miami in RestaurantMy version of comfort food is Indian cuisine that I don’t have to cook myself for a change. While Miami is a budding foodie haven, sit down Indian restaurants are not yet in abundance so I was thrilled to drive by Kebab Indian Restaurant and add it to my list of places to check out. A rarity in Miami, this spot has been around for over a quarter of a century, first opened 1976.Miami RestaurantMiami RestaurantThis is one restaurant in Miami you can feel comfortable eating at while wearing flip flops. While it’s a casual atmosphere, Kebab Indian Restaurant would still be a chill place for a family dinner. Opting only for older Indian songs played at a low volume, this place doesn’t push an overly stimulated atmosphere. Their decor is not overbearing but it also leaves a little to be desired.Miami RestaurantMiami RestaurantMiami RestaurantMiami RestaurantI’m all about the appetizer menu and so is Kebab Indian Restaurant. There’s a large, varied selection and vegans or vegetarians can easily eat well here. I went with vegetable samosas (how could you not?) and bhujia, which are spiced vegetable fritters. While the bhujia was underwhelming, the samosas were perfectly cooked to give them a crunchy, flaky exterior.
Of course the first thing I ordered when I stepped in the door was a cup of masala chai, but sadly I think this restaurant has curbed the spice of their dishes to fit the palate of their usual customer base. This isn’t really a bad thing if you prefer less spicy dishes or don’t usually eat Indian food, though you can probably just ask them beforehand to spice your food up.Miami RestaurantMiami Restaurant Miami RestaurantThe goal is to always order enough food to fill the entire table, which is never hard to do at a restaurant in Miami. I made sure it happened by ordering coconut vegetable curry with a side of vegetable rice plus aloo naan (bread stuffed with spiced potatoes) and my boyfriend had malai kofta which came with a side of rice. My dish was a little less flavorful than what I expected, but it was good and filling nonetheless. Both of our curries came in awesome portions and the aloo naan was soft and addicting. 

Recommended Dishes

  • Aloo Naan
  • Vegetable Samosa
  • Mushroom Bhajj
  • Malai Kofta
  • Gulab Jamun (little puffs of heaven really)

Miami RestaurantMiami RestaurantCan I just do dessert reviews? My favorite part of the meal is whatever comes from the dessert menu and Kebab Indian Restaurant delivered on the sweets. The kulfi (Indian ice cream) was traditional and great, but the gulab jamun was out of this world amazing. Sure, I’m probably completely biased because I really love this dish to begin with…but this restaurant served them with just the right sweetness and a soft, crisp but spongy texture that is so central to gulab jamun. If you’ve never actually had this dish, gulab jamun is a juicy, deep fried pastry with honey syrup and rosewater. It’s time to stop depriving yourself!Restaurant in Miami

✯✯✯ (3/5)

This is the type of restaurant you will leave satisfied from. It’s not overly decorated, there aren’t any fusion/novelty dishes but the food is good, the portions are large and it’s priced fairly. If you’ve yet to try Indian cuisine, this is the perfect restaurant in Miami to get acquainted with its goodness. If you regularly eat Indian dishes like me though, you’ll find their food lacking in the robust flavor we’re accustomed to. The service here was what good service should be – friendly, helpful waitstaff who are attentive. Kebab Indian Restaurant also does take out, which I’ll drive out of my way for on certain lazy occasions, but like I said, this is the best comfort food there is.